Green Initiatives

Savings AND Responsibility

We are Cold and Green, but beyond our name is an ongoing commitment. Cold & Green is constantly creating more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions that will conserve energy (and also reduce customers’ carbon footprints). Like our customers, we are increasingly implementing lean manufacturing practices, recycling wherever possible, optimizing our use of raw materials, and watching our energy consumption. However, we want to do more, all without sacrificing operational capabilities. Fortunately, it turns out that the same things that save money are also better for our health and for the planet.

Green Examples

  • We use & recommend the new HFC/HFO Blended Refrigerants, such as R448A, which have feature low GWP values (Global Warming Potential) as required by the EPA, but which ALSO provide substantially better performance than traditional HFC R404 under many conditions.
  • All of our refrigeration systems meet or exceed DOE AWEF requirements.
  • Our preferred insulation, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), is considered inert and has no GWP (Global Warming Potential) or GHG (Greenhouse Gas) blowing agents, unlike polyurethane and conventional extruded polystyrene.
  • We offer Tropicalized™ condensing units and condenser sizing in warm climates for reduced energy consumption.
  • We currently offer insulated panels with an R factor of 42 for EISA walk-ins and 50 for non EISA walk-ins. This can make a huge impact on the amount of energy you use and on the size of refrigeration systems needed, and we have only just begun!

All of the above examples not only help the environment but also reduce costs and contribute to healthier indoor air. Our goal is to be green and efficient!

Let’s Talk LEED

LEED certification for buildings is very much in demand, being required by certain municipalities, and benefiting owners with lower insurance rates and low energy operating costs. Because LEED is currently intended for office and commercial buildings, most refrigerated warehouses are inherently not able to be certified.

Cold & Green is not a LEED consultant; however, because 35% of LEED certification relates to energy-efficiency, we may be able to help your overall project by ensuring that refrigerated chambers in the building are highly energy efficient.

Disclaimer: Please note that LEED is a certification of the U.S. Green Building Council (, which is not in any way affiliated with Cold & Green. Contact them for specifics about LEED and other sustainability programs.

Coming Soon!

Two areas that our R&D team is working on for release in the next two years:

  • One of our innovations will dramatically reduce air changes in walk-ins, greatly reducing the amount of infiltrating air needing to be cooled.
  • A promising innovation will provide game-changing enhancements to walk-in insulation, providing huge energy savings.

Our Commitment

Our pledge to you, as our loyal customer, is to provide you superior quality solutions, the finest customer support, all with emphasis on meeting your needs better than anyone else. In addition, we want you to have sustainable and leading technology products that are durable, reliable, and innovative, and that you can benefit from our expertise and pioneering solutions on a consistent basis. Together we will stay ahead of the curve, and remain industry leaders that make a positive impact in our communities!

After all, we ARE Cold & Green!

Get in touch with our team and discover the benefits of working with innovation leaders who care to make a difference!