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Cold & Green is known for high-performance refrigeration solutions that outperform our competitors by making your budget & resources go further. We take advantage of industry innovations, and also develop our own designs. Increasingly, we are also known for our environmentally-responsible insulated rooms that also reduce your operating costs. Our team has operated with this philosophy for decades, and it is the reason that prominent global clients continue to select us as their trusted refrigeration solution provider!

Our engineering team tailors every project to fit your unique needs, your budget, but also your operational processes. This is increasingly important with larger projects, but we apply the same techniques to smaller walk-ins also.

Some examples

With cold storage warehouses, we collaborate closely with your team to architect a design that makes the most of available space & height for the greatest number of rack positions, that minimizes aisles & doors, that reduces forklift travel & material handling needs. Whether you are building a greenfield facility or renting an existing building, we are aware of the special needs & challenges, and we will help you to address these.

Blast freezing is another specialty of Cold & Green, and our blast freezers will be designed to freeze your product as fast and economically as needed.

Small walk-ins have special needs also, and our insulated rooms are equipped with refrigeration systems that operate at the appropriate temperature and balanced for the humidity that your product requires for the longest shelf-life. Some products that have special needs include flowers, cigars, wine, and particular chemicals also have their specific requirements.

Let’s not forget about the most important “product” of all: humans who work inside processing rooms must be kept comfortable, and we accomplish this with the correct temperature, airflow, and humidity.

Display & Storage

Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Discount Clubs, Liquor Stores, Organic Produce

Storage Freezers & Coolers

Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Processors, Produce, Food Wholesalers

Cold Storage Warehouses

Distribution & Wholesale Floral Coolers, Cigar Humidors, Wine Storage 

Blast Freezers Processing Rooms

Food & Seafood Producers Pharmaceutical, Blood Banks, Mortuary

Refrigeration Systems

Insulated Rooms & Warehouses

Replacement Doors Walk-In Accessories

Shelving, Ramps, Racks & Material Handling

The Whole Package!

Is there such a thing as a “good-looking walk-in”? We think so! Our products are not only engineered for utility; they are also built to provide exceptional aesthetics. To accomplish this, we use beautiful glass doors, premium metal paints & finishes inside and out, precision panel manufacturing to ensure a well-aligned fit without gaps, high-quality door hardware, and so on. We assemble all small walk-ins for quality inspection, and we also carefully inspect all larger panels prior to shipment. In our decades of serving a wide variety of customers, we have created beautiful walk-ins for the most elegant restaurants, flower shops, wine stores, and cigar humidors.

But good looks and function should go hand in hand. We will never sacrifice quality, durability, or safety for aesthetics. We will deliver the option that best protects your products, and maybe even extends your shelf life.

From Little to Huge, and Everything in Between!

We design & build walk-ins that operate from -30°F to +65°F (-34°C to 18°C), in sizes as small as 6’ x 6’ (1.83 m x 1.83 m) to warehouses longer than 300’ (91.44 m) and as tall as 60’ (18.29 m).

A few examples of aspects that we consider:

  • Our coolers operate at the appropriate design humidity for the product you are storing.
  • Our freezers optimize the defrost cycles by leveraging low-humidity anterooms and various curtains and fast-action doors.
  • Our processing rooms are designed to keep your employees comfortable & productive.
  • We will provide the right number and the right kind of doors, located ideally to take full advantage of your available space and your operation flow.
  • And we consider many other factors, such as product entering temperature & loading period, the salinity of the environment, the type & quality of electrical power available, applicable US DOE/EPA regulations, and much, much more.


  • From 4’ x 4’ through larger than 50,000 sq. ft. (1.48 m² through 4,645 m²)
  • Freezers: -30°F through 32°F (-34°C through 0°C)
  • Coolers: 33°F through 65°F (0.5°C through 18°C)
  • Panels Length up to 30’ (9.14 m); Room Height to 60’ (18.28 m)
  • Clear-Span or supported by Stringers or Structure


  • Complete Steel Building Systems available 
  • A wide variety of controllers & monitors are available

Flooring Options:

  • Personnel / hand-truck Traffic: Prefabricated Floor (light gauge reinforced or heavy diamond treadplate) or Without Floor
  • Forklift / Pallet Jack Traffic: Floor Mass Insulation (freezer) or Uninsulated Concrete Floor (cooler)
  • Heating/Ventilation Systems for flooring available

Panel Types:

  • Cam-lock male-female, with either sealants or gaskets
  • NSF-compliant upon request 
  • Snap male-female
  • Cold & Tight™ fastening system (coming in 2H 2021)
  • Non-Interlocking

Panel Finish:

White, Metallic, & Stainless are our most common finishes. However, a full palette of colors is available, and we are able to accommodate most Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors, for example, to match your corporate logo or colors.


Personnel Duty

  • Infitting, Flush, or Overlap (EISA Compliant or otherwise)
  • Heavy-Duty Overlap (for Blast Freezers and Ripening Rooms)
  • Heavy-Duty Traffic Doors

Forklift & Pallet Jack Duty

  • Manual Sliding
  • Electric Sliding
  • Power Fast-Action & Biparting
  • Cold & Fast™ Fast-Action Biparting (coming in early 2022)
  • Overhead Sectional Power Door
  • Vertical Lift Power Door

Glass Display

  • Merchandising Door Sets (multi-pane, heated, with a variety of accessories & lighting options)
  • Pass-Through Doors
  • Beer Cave Doors


  • Cold & Green recommends expanded polystyrene (see Green Initiatives page for details)
  • Upon Request: polyurethane or extruded polystyrene
  • Cold Hyper™ proprietary insulation systems (coming in 2022)

When you need dependable, durable, and cutting-edge refrigeration,
Trust Cold & Green to deliver on time, on budget, and optimally engineered!

Refrigeration Systems

  • Capacities from 5,000 BTUH (1.46 KW) up through 800 Tons of Refrigeration (TR)
  • Compressor power from ¾ HP up through 1200 HP

Brands include HTPG/Kramer, Emerson/Copeland, Heatcraft/Bohn, Hussman/Krack, Vilter, Grasso, and others

  • Condensing Units, air-cooled & water-cooled
  • Compressor Units (for use with remote condensers)

Compressors Used:

  • Scroll
  • Hermetic reciprocating
  • Semi-Hermetic
  • Open-Drive Screw
  • Open-Drive with Piston
  • Current Commercial Refrigerants (R448A, R404A); Ammonia systems available upon request

Air-Cooled Condensers (vertical or horizontal) and Water Towers

Evaporators (defrost types: air, electric, hot-gas defrost, water)

  • Low Profile
  • Medium Profile
  • Warehouse (EISA or non-EISA, with prop fans or not)
  • Industrial Evaporators with Prop Fans
  • Low Velocity (for Flower Coolers & Processing Rooms)

Why Us?

Clients from all over the world have trusted us with their projects, and with requirements that may be simple or custom. We build units and systems to your exact specifications and needs. No matter how simple or complex your project may be, the Cold & Green team will address your every need with utmost attention to detail. Our team will be fully involved in every stage of your journey with us, from the moment you contact us, through the delivery or installation of your walk-in. We will guide you throughout every stage, in a transparent, professional, courteous, and timely manner. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!